Trang Trieu brought spring to 700 poor children with disabilities

On the morning of January 31, the "Happy Year" program was held at Rach Mieu sports center in Phu Nhuan district. Representatives of CPTT Trang Trieu's company gave 700 gifts to disadvantaged children and disabled people of 15 social facilities in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong.

                                                                           The company management board took photo with the disabled children


In the program, they were able to watch performances of arts, sports, magic, ... and have the opportunity to show their talents to bring to everyone the best and most special repertoire. Each participant was given a gift, lunch and a bag of lucky money from corporate and private organizations.
Some performances by poor and disabled children:

trang 1

trang 11


CPTT Trang Trieu Company is a company specializing in event organization and fashion design, Ms. Trang Trieu - the company director wishes to organize many charity programs in the future and will have more gifts for poor children with disabilities all over the country.

trang 3

Representative of Mr. Trinh Dinh Ho gave money to poor children with disabilities

Through more than 8 years of operation in the field of communication, CPTT Trang Trieu Company has grown and built up a reputation for customers. When it comes to Trang Trieu, people not only think about communication and fashion but also mention charity events throughout more than 8 years of the company and the initiator who is none other than the company director - Trang Trieu .

trang 2

Trang Trieu with Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tam - former chairman of Vietnam Taekwondo Group

She shared that when she saw the students with difficult circumstances and disabilities, she remembered the days of her hardship. She understands their hearts, dreams and ambitions that are gradually forming and needing help to become a reality in the future. Their joy is the happiness of her, a successful woman, energy and bravery with simple dreams but a big part in changing the lives of people in difficult circumstances and changes. The way of thinking of those who are inferior to their current life. To be as successful as today, to bring all love, kindness to everyone is an integral part of God. She brings the love of God to the misfortune of life. She believed that God saved her will also help the less fortunate people, no matter who they are, in any position, a heart directed to God is blessed by God. She is grateful to God for the love of love in her soul, worthy of being a son of God. Thanks God !
She once said: "Nothing is impossible, do your best to achieve your future plans and dreams."
Some charity programs organized by the company in the past year:

trang 5

trang 6

trang 9

Through the program, we want to show sympathy and help poor children with disabilities to enjoy a warm and happy Tet. Let us join our hearts, connect compassionate hearts for a beautiful and ideal life.


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